One of our readers, Marcus Ross, has setup a new Titanium Meetup event for Hamburg, Germany. I asked him a few questions about the event:

Marcus Ross interview

When and where is the event?
13th February 2012 @ 6PM at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg, Germany

Who will be at the meeting?
Jeff Haynie the CEO and Co-Founder of Appcelerator, over 20 Developers so far have sign-up for this.

What items will be covered?
What’s the latest and greatest in the Appcelerator Eco-System Actually we like to ask the developers for the topics to be covered in the next meetings. This meeting is for asking question to Jeff and the chance to show him your app you’ve created with titanium. For the second meeting we will plan a nice 101 getting started session or advanced topics if the members prefer it. Actually me, as the founder of this group like to network with the other Titanium Groups. Example: I will go to the London/UK Meeting next time and will schedule a meeting with the France guys from Paris. All the Titanium Developers are a big family. By the way, are there any Iceland titan’s out there? Need to come over to you!

Is there a big Titanium following in Germany?
Titanium is one of the hot stuff in Germany. But nobody likes to talk about it, because agencies and developers handle this as a business advantage. But it get’s more popular each day. We will celebrate the first German eBook on ‘Titanium Development 101′. After this founding of titanium north, we like to kick off local groups in the south and specially Berlin as well.

If you interested in meeting up in Hamburg, Germany, please signup here. Jeff will also be talking a the Module Developer Conference on the 13th.