ZooZ is a complete and secure solution that makes it easier than ever to start accepting payments in mobile applications.

ZooZ was founded in 2010 and developed a unique payment platform that enables a quick and easy way to checkout and pay on mobile devices. Using the multi platform ZooZ SDK, mobile developers easily integrate secure in-app payments with only 3 lines of code.

After integration with the ZooZ SDK, app users are offered a true mobile wallet that is fast, easy to use and secure. ZooZ aggregates multiple payment sources, such as credit cards and PayPal, in one universal solution (additional eWallets and carrier billing coming soon).

User details are securely stored in a PCI compliant servers environment. The unique tokenization of these details allows us to offer shared one time checkout experience across supporting apps to enable higher conversion rates and a quicker checkout.

Our deep understanding of mobile technologies, coupled with extensive experience in secure payment processing and fraud detection expertise enables us to bring advanced and unique mobile payment ideas to life.

Interview with Nir Zohar, R&D Manager @ ZooZ

What gave you the idea to create ZooZ?
Our founding developers are all former VeriSign engineers, committed to bringing a new level of security to online commerce. Plus, with the commerce world moving to mobile at breakneck speed, we predicted that app developers would be looking for a fast, easy platform to accept in-app payments. Apparently we were right: we started out two years ago and are providing more and more mobile developers with a safe, easy payment solution.

Why did you choose the Appcelerator Titanium route?
It was a no-brainer, really. Appcelerator’s Titanium is one of the best-known, most widely-distributed app building platforms. We received a number of requests from Titanium developers for a ZooZ Titanium module, as there was a complete lack of payment platform options available to them.

How long did it take to design, create, test & deploy your module?
Two days – quick and easy!

How can Titanium developers use the ZooZ module?
ZooZ is an in-app payment platform, allowing mobile developers to monetize their app with just 3 lines of code. We have a Titanium module available for iOS, Android, and HTML5. Meaning, developers don’t need a variety of Titanium modules; when using ZooZ, developers have it all in one.

What is the most exciting app your users have developed using the ZooZ Titanium module?
We’re really excited about the Amp’d app, which uses mobile technology to creatively engage audiences in music performances. Fans can request songs, tweet about the show using consistent hashtags, and even vote for encores.

I have to ask: why ‘ZooZ’?
ZooZ is actually an ancient form of currency… It has been suggested that its name is probably a corruption of the Greek Zeus, used from the Greek era of drachmas, through the Roman era of Denarius.
Plus it has a nice ring to it!


  • The best rates in the mobile industry
  • Patent-pending security and anti-fraud technology
  • User friendly checkout experience
  • Supports app developers and merchants in over 150 countries



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