About Me

My name is Raul Riera, I am currently located in Madrid, Spain. I am currently developing iOS applications using Titanium and running a small startup called Odonto.me. For more information about my activities you can check out my personal website at http://raulriera.com where I keep track of my Twitter, Github and projects.

Interview with Raul Riera

Are there any features you wish were included in mobile/desktop API?
I think the implementation of Titanium is pretty solid to anyone who understands JavaScript, I just wished the roadmap of features would be shorter, and certainly the whole thing lacks some serious documentation. If it wasn’t for the KitchenSink I would have been completely lost.

What applications have you developed using Titanium?
Antitabaco App: – It’s an application to report whoever is smoking at an establishment (Spain saw this year the smoking ban law on all establishments, so it was a quick opportunity at something “real”, it was also my first application with Titanium).
Link – http://antitabacoapp.com

What the Famous App: – WTFamous is an application meant to emulate the magic 8 ball game with a twist, by replacing the Ball with faces of celebrity cartoons. Sadly this application was a subject of approvals and rejections due to avoiding trademark issues so the app is no longer being developed.
Link – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/what-the-famous-!/id421617929

ABC Zoo: Writer: – ABC Zoo is an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch application orientated to teach children the alphabet in a fun and exciting. This app contains a FREE ad supported version at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/abc-zoo-writer-free/id460854570.
Link – http://abczooapp.com

2 new projects: To be announced once the AppStore approves them.

How was the process of getting your app on your desired app-store?
Fairly simple really, never had problems besides the ones mentioned before with WTFamous, but I was asking for that.

Are you available for private work?
Yes I am