Dr Castello is a full time plastic surgeon with a flair for creating brilliant iPhone/iPad apps which include Bronco Pinball (not created in Titanium) & PercussionHD.

Interview with Dr Jose R Castello

What made you choose Appcelerator Titanium?
Since I develop iOS apps as a hobby in my spare time (I am plastic surgeon, not a pro developer) and I had no previous programming background experience, a JavaScript based platform, like Appcelerator Titanium, seemed an easy entry point into that world.
I learned the basics of JavaScript very fast and started working flawlessly with Titanium on my Mac (not so easy on my win based PC). I tried learning Objective-C, but it was too cumbersome… and not very fun, from someone, like me, with experience in design, 3D and audio, but not in programming languages. I have also used GameSalad and Multimedia Fusion 2 for developing iOS apps, which are drag and drop apps, great (and easy) for making games but not intended for non-game apps, like The Visual Encyclopaedia of Musical Percussion Instruments.

How long did it take to prototype & develop?
All the images (more than one hundred percussion instruments) on the App were modelled and rendered in Autodesk 3d max, based on real photo references, which took me the most time (but it was the fun part). I also wrote the text, based on bibliographical references and wikipedia. The instruments samples come from my own collection and from some other contributors (see credits). I also composed the intro song in a couple of days. Developing the app in Titanium was fast (1 week). The entire project took me about 3 months, working part time, during my spare time.

Are there are apps you took inspiration from?
I found Elements and Solar System from TouchPress very inspiring. Like in those apps, I chose a minimalistic black design, which seemed appropriate for this type of app. Finding a way to show more than 100 images in the intro screen of the app was not easy.

Did you find Appcelerator’s documentation/Q&A helpful?
Considering the Community Edition of Appcelerator is free!, I found the documentation good enough. But what I found really helpful was the Q&A section. This is a great and very active community.

Are there any features you would like to see in future versions of Titanium?
The Box2D module has been recently incorporated into Titanium, although I haven’t had a chance to try it. Anyway, I see Appcelerator as a very well featured platform.