It’s competition time guys! TideSDK (formerly Titanium Desktop) is a remarkable project inherited from Appcelerator, that is making great leaps & bounds and are looking to a release real soon. The guys over at CloudApps Limited are offering a 13″ Macbook Air as a prize to anyone who can get the following fixed:

  • Update WebKit for Windows to a latest version, with full CSS 3 support in line with the latest Mac webkit version
  • Windows draws/renders horrifically slowly! Get the rendering engine up to scratch performance wise with the Mac version. The WebKit update should go a long way to making this happen.
  • Fix the font rendering problems on Windows – numerous sans fonts (e.g. Helvetica) get about 1-2px chopped off the right hand side because they don’t render properly. Search the Appcelerator Q&A about it, it’s a well known issue.

Additionally, Boydlee Pollentine‘s company, Tipsy & Tumbler Limited will throw in a brand new Raspberry Pi B model for anyone who can fix the current packaging scripts on Windows so that the “Publisher” certificates work properly and don’t come up as an unknown publisher, and can fix the app icon problems (currently regardless of the icon size, it only renders in the installer / app exe as a 32x32px icon for some strange reason).

For any questions please shoot them over to Boydlee via Twitter.
Fore more info on TideSDK head on over to Github here.