Interview with Dawson Toth, Sr. Software Engineer in Research and Development at Appcelerator

Where did you come up with the inspiration for the site?
The learning site had two inspirations. First, when I was learning Titanium, it took me a while to get running at full speed. I wasn’t able to write code then quickly see it in action, so it took a while to learn from my mistakes. I wish something like had been around to help me. Second, John Resig’s learning guide helped me learn JavaScript really quickly ( It’s progressive enhancement of education in action. Those were the two sources that drove me to hack together some JavaScript and make

What level of user is it aimed?
It’s aimed at developers that know JavaScript already, but don’t know Titanium.

Is it possible to add more tutorials, also can the Ti community contribute?
Yes, and that’s what it really needs! Fork and send in pull requests on to contribute! I really can’t do this alone. The individual steps are all just JavaScript files in Add steps, edit steps, delete steps. I’ll seriously consider any changes you want to put the time and effort in to contributing. There’s absolutely no server-side knowledge necessary to edit or run the project. It’s just HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Is this powered by Titanium Mobile Web?
This is powered by two great projects: Titanium Mobile Web for the rendering and interactivity of the app, and ACE ( Cloud9 Editor) for a rich JavaScript editing experience.

Is there any major differences in using this online emulator other than the usual installed simulator/emulator?
It should be just like running a project on Mobile Web from Titanium Studio.

Do Have any further plans to expand this further in any way, eg: more advanced topic / online learning course?
My first goal for the site is to see the steps completed. We can bring the user from that first step, where I introduce a login form, to the last step, where the user understands everything that went in to creating it. There are a lot of possibilities, but I don’t want to get too carried away until my initial goal is carried out.

Checkout the new site here.