Web Developer based in Norwich, UK. PHP/Javascript guru - loving Appcelerator Titanium.


CodeStrong hackathon starts

Hey guys, I’m reporting live from Appcelerator CodeStrong event here at the Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco. It 02:52 & still devs are going strong. I wonder how many long will be left in a few hours time? Please see some pics below. For more photos of Day 1 of the CodeStrong event, including the registration, … Continue Reading


On my way to CodeStrong

CodeStrong is fast approaching guys! I sadly couldn’t make the event last year, but this year Appcelerator have kindly given me all area press-pass to the event, I aim to cover as much as I possibly can from the event. I’m currently sat in the Lounge Heathrow Airport, London, waiting for the 10:35am flight to … Continue Reading


$500 discount off Titanium training

Get $500 discount of Titanium mobile live online training course. 2 Appcelerator TCE’s (Titanium Certified Experts) will be doing the courses in mid September, this will include a Q&A session.


Featured app – UptimeRobot LLC is a Richmond, VA based mobile & web applications development firm. The Intern team is comprised of students from Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University. “.. We are offering FREE tickets ($899 value) to CODESTRONG when you register for the to courses (BNAPP & ATMD) which will be conducted before and after … Continue Reading


Europe Meetup


Hey All! Following on from a conversation between a bunch of Titanium and JavaScript devs and Titans on Twitter we all go to thinking – why doesn’t Europe have its own big, annual meetup? A place for like minded Ti Devs to get together every year, have some good times and share some knowledge? If … Continue Reading


Featured app – Landlord


A location based, real world property game that allows you to buy venues you visit and then earn rent as people check in at those properties in real-time!


TideSDK competition


Win a 13″ Macbook Air & Raspberry Pi model B for fixing a few problems – great opportunity!


Featured app – Pilot Pro


Pilot Pro is an easy-to-use application for pilots of all kinds to record their flight time.


Learn Ti online


Interview with Dawson Toth about the new Appcelerator Titanium online learning


Featured app – London 2012


Vishal Shah is a Web and Mobile Applications developer by profession. He mainly work in PHP (Zend Framework), MySQL and Javascript. He works for SOTIC, a digital sports Agency based in London. “.. There has been more than 10,000 downloads last month and I have recently been contacted by Apple requesting my app’s Art Work … Continue Reading


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