LLC is a Richmond, VA based mobile & web applications development firm. The Intern team is comprised of students from Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University.

“.. We are offering FREE tickets ($899 value) to CODESTRONG when you register for the to courses (BNAPP & ATMD) which will be conducted before and after the days of the conference…”

Interview with Edwin Huertas, CEO of Shockoe

What is UptimeRobot & where did you get the inspiration for it?
The UptimeRobot iOS app is a mobile interface for the UptimeRobot Server monitoring service located Everything began when we needed to monitor ours & client’s web servers, and after investigating multiple services we found UptimeRobot to be a good/free solution, so we used that as our point of start and run with it.

The intern team used this app as a launchpad to hone their skills. The app makes use of a REST API provided by UptimeRobot and implemented using Titanium’s built-in XHR client.

Who was involved in the creation of the app?
The intern team consists of Shaun Donachy and Taylor Jones, with the help and guidance of Mack Stump and Edwin Huertas.

What made you guys choose Appcelerator as a platform?
We are Appcelerator official partner and we’ve been working on applications since Titanium version 0.9. So we all here live with Appcelerator’s Titanium platform everyday.
We all here have to go thru the official training and obtain the certifications. So we all are at Shockoe are TCAD/TCMD certified developers and there are also TCE (Titanium Certified Experts).

How long did it take to create the app from initial design to app store?
The UptimeRobot app went through several design changes as it went through development. Overall the project took about 2 months to complete, mostly because we were also working on 3 other apps at the same time. Multitasking is another ‘skill’ in our resumes.

Have you have any other apps created in Titanium? has created several other Titanium apps mostly for clients, but we have a few of our own out there. Suite Tips, iYummi, uPulse, CPQuito(Campus Party Quito), i.e. Startup Competition, Personal Running Trainer. We also helped develop various apps like University Of Richmond’s app, RAVN, Flipcha, ThankYouPro and others.

Are you guys available for work & are you attending the CodeStrong event?
We are available to consider new projects, please email or visit for more information about our services.

We will be attending to CODESTRONG for sure. We are putting together with Appcelerator a training offer to anyone that is looking to learn in deep the platform and obtain the certification TCAD & TCMD.

We are offering FREE tickets ($899 value) to CODESTRONG when you register for the to courses (BNAPP & ATMD) which will be conducted before and after the days of the conference and to make it easier they will be help at the same venue.


Edwin’s Ti Codeshare

We usually put something useful in our blog with more details. But we thought that this might be a good piece of code that someone may benefit from.
This code snippet used in the UptimeRobot app, which is a clever way to create a downward pointing disclosure arrow. In the app this was used to bring up a picker window for port values! [Similar to Dan Tamas code]

// Create Drop button for port selection
var tr = Titanium.UI.create2DMatrix();
tr = tr.rotate(90);

var drop_button =  Titanium.UI.createButton({

// Field for Port
var portfield = Titanium.UI.createTextField({
    title: 'port',
    editable: false,


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