The app is FREE until 2nd March! Grab it & get your wedding organised!

My Wedding App is an iPhone application which allows you to easily and conveniently arrange information for your upcoming wedding. All the information is only accessible via your device, you do however have the option to email out your guest lists, planning checklists or budget items to anyone you need to.

Unlike other iPhone Wedding apps this has a beautiful simplistic design and an easy to navigate interface. Instead of trying to cram in 1000 irrelevant things we have only implemented what we have found to actually be important to the people who use these applications.

Before starting the project we carried out a survey to 100 people asking them their opinions of existing methods of mobile wedding planning and using that information we created the ‘My Wedding Planner’ App.

Key Features:

  • Setting the date – Specify the date of your wedding
  • Your budget – Your current budget, the amount you have spent, list of all the items you have added (displayed with their name and price). The app calculates the total price of these items and uses this to tell you your remaining money
  • Guests – Day & nights guest. Also a table planner that lists of all the Day Guests accompanied by the table they are to be seated at
  • Planner – Checklists for ‘Pre Wedding’,'The Big Day’ and ‘Post Wedding’
  • Help – Tips & hints about using the Wedding app

Download it from iTunes here
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