A year ago today, Twisted Maestro was released. Today its live in 59 countries, congrats guys!

Can you handle the pressure of the audition?

The Maestro is holding auditions and he only wants the best players. In order to be accepted, you must play his piano-like device … and you must play it well.

But the Maestro is a little twisted. Although this may look like a piano, it certainly does not behave like one. Play the notes when they are shown and you will audition well. Play wrong notes and your audition will SUCK!

Don’t be fooled by the easy introductory levels, the Maestro most certainly has some tricks in store for you. And to make things even more difficult, no two auditions will ever be the same.

You will find this audition easy to learn, but very difficult to beat! Persist with your quick-fingered playing technique and you too will gain the respect of the Maestro.

Interview with Dianna Seda, Director of Business and Social Media for WindyVision Systems Inc.

What is Twisted Maestro?
Twisted Maestro is an iPhone game that challenges your reflex speed and visual acuity in order to pass a musical ‘audition’ for the Maestro.

What made you choose the Appcelerator Titanium platform?
Early in 2010 we were starting our mobile division, Crew Cut Coconut, and were focusing exclusively on Android apps. But the iPhone was making so much noise in the mobile space that we knew we had to embrace it as well. Our languages of expertise had been Java and Javascript, but not Objective-C, and we weren’t very excited about adding it to our repertoire. We investigated other options and found Titanium to be the perfect solution for our needs.

What gave you the idea for the app?
We had been playing with some rough ideas for a piano game and had even done some initial graphic design. At the time, Guitar Hero was the biggest game in town and our application architect, Patrick, was fascinated by some of the technical details it implemented. He started experimenting with state machines that were driven by touch events and eventually created the framework that Twisted Maestro is built upon.

How long did it take to design, implement, & test the app?
The total time was about six months, but that was not with full-time focus. We originally thought the hardest part would be the coding, but it turned out that the graphics took about 50% of the time and testing about 20%. We spent a lot of time testing the gameplay on people ranging from ages 3 to 75, with an extra focus on teenagers. This project had two must-have requirements: It must look awesome, and it must have sticky appeal. Specifically, it had to be difficult to beat, but provide some easy wins at the beginning.

How are worldwide downloads going?
We continue to have a steady stream of activity and have been downloaded to 6 continents and over 59 countries. But we have limited visibility into Apple’s information, so it could possibly be more. We’ve put together a map marking the countries downloaded here: http://t.co/iUioPGLD

Any plans to create an iPad version?
Yes, that has been in discussion since the first day. In fact, the original version was supposed to be iPad only, but we decided to take a two-phase approach and do the iPhone version first. At the time, only the iPad 1 had been released and there were only rumors of what features the iPad 2 would contain, including a Retina display. Wanting to avoid as much rework in the graphics as possible, we designed all the graphics hi-resolution in anticipation of the impending iPad Retina.

Do you have any other apps you want to talk about?
Most of our work has been either strategic mobile consulting or apps for private clients, but has included a geolocation-driven photo app, a full social networking app, and even a child-focused learning app.

Are you available for private work?

Currently our Development Lead Patrick Seda (@pxtrick) is working full-time at Appcelerator in Mountain View. Due to this, our development availability is limited as we ramp up our talent pool. But I am always eager to speak with people who are interested in entering the mobile space, and who may need assistance with their mobile strategy.



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